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Is Developing Wealth a Choice?

Mar , 22
Is Developing Wealth a Choice?

Is Developing Wealth a Choice?

In today’s world, it is. In the current tech-driven age of accessibility, information and innovation, the barriers to developing wealth have never been lower. It is Prillionaires’ mission to ensure these barriers exist only in history, making wealth development strategies accessible to all. Only a generation ago, buying company stock, bonds and commodities could only be done through institutions. The innovations of the 21st century, smart phones and internet connectivity, to name only two, has already reshaped the world of finance for ordinary individuals.


In modern times, every working professional has a smartphone and as a by-product, access to internet. With the use of Prillionaires’ money management application, a complete overview of your finances can be easily attained. Having a comprehensive view of your personal financial condition has been shown to vastly improve how you manage your money, making it easier to find scraps of money to put away for savings or investment. This is the first step in how to develop wealth.

‘If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die’ – Warren Buffet.

This message has never been more relevant to individuals looking to manage their finances. Accessibility to the markets has been transformed and now individuals can put their spare capital to work for them through stock market and digital asset exchanges in app form. Whether you can spare $10, $100 or $1000, making your money work for you is the only way of securing financial freedom.


It is not simply access to your own personal financial information which is now available. It is access to global financial material – the digitalisation of data. You can now acquire the necessary information to make smart financial decisions; that could be anything from setting aside a small amount of cash for savings, to investing what you can afford into a particular market – you should never invest what you cannot afford to lose.

Where do I learn about financial markets?

Media outlets have been transformed over the last 10 years, with YouTube taking a huge share of that market. Free platforms for learning and gaining awareness to market movements now exist, something previous generations could only have dreamed of. Awareness to market sentiments, bullish and bearish catalysts and new innovations is crucial for developing wealth. Without an awareness of innovations, you cannot take advantage of the opportunities that they present. The explosion of media technologies has allowed for this information to be widely accessible to all. Availability of this media, however, comes as a double-edged sword. Secondary sources, i.e., YouTube content, must be carefully received; this topic of ‘information and misinformation’ will be reviewed in a follow up article.

Innovation and opportunity

The last few years, financial markets have seen some very impressive gains in a relatively short time period. Even Large caps like Apple and Microsoft in the last 3 years alone have gained 430% and 200% respectively. Technological innovation drives the market, and we are in a period of innovation where whole sectors are being reshaped.

what are the best investments for 2022?

Generally, industries which are being reshaped will offer the best returns on investment. The current financial infrastructure is undergoing the biggest restructuring of its history as the world begins to transition towards cryptocurrencies and its mother technology in Blockchain. The Internal Combustion Engine market is being reforged into Electric vehicles, and clean energy technology is beginning to rival that of traditional fossil-fuelled energy suppliers as we wake up to the growing climate issue. Levels of opportunity for financial gain rival and exceed that of the rise of the internet at the turn of the century. The biggest difference here is that the assets which will perform are far more accessible now than 20 years ago.

Wealth development is becoming a reality for all. This opportunity to make your money work for you in a market with probably the most financial opportunity ever, should be taken advantage of by everyone. Prillionaires money management software will make tracking your finances seamless, helping you take advantage of the accessibility and opportunities presented in today’s world.



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