Australian billionaires

Australian Billionaires 2024

The Source of Wealth Among Australian Billionaires

The source of wealth raises many eyebrows when we talk about billionaires; every youth yearning to be wealthy. Names like Gina Rinehart or Andrew Forrest are of interest in the Australian economy. Most Australian billionaires must be into investments like mining, casino, bonds, and many more to get to where they are now.

How Many Billionaires Are in Australia in 2024?

Australia has 48 billionaires, with Gina Rinehart being the richest and owning multiple investment plants. However, this could be the tally of known individuals. The United States leads with the number of billionaires worldwide, thus contributing to most developing countries’ economies.

Which Street is Billionaires Row in Sydney?

Darling Point is the recent suburb for the most Billionaires due to the incredible ambiance from the Harbour Bridge. The four-kilometer drive from the CBD has excellent apartments that attract most of the rich men and women who value quality. The recent report by the revenue authorities shows that it’s leading with an average income of $210,000.

Who Are the Richest Australians in 2023?

There’s an increase in the number of billionaires daily in Australia, with different individuals topping the list. Here is the list of the top ten wealthiest Australians with their source of wealth:

  1. Gina RinehartNet worth: $36 billion. Iron Mining and Agricultural investment.
  2. Andrew Forrest – Net worth: $32 billion. Iron mining.
  3. Mike Cannon-Brookes – Net worth: $29 billion. Software technology.
  4. Scott Farquhar – Net worth: $28 billion. Software.
  5. Anthony Pratt & family – Net worth: $25 billion. Visy industries.
  6. Harry Triguboff – Net worth: $22 billion. Property investment.
  7. Clive Palmer – Net worth: $20 billion. Mining and real estate.
  8. Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht – Net worth: $14 billion. Graphic design technology.
  9. Ivan Glasenberg – Net worth: $13 billion. Glencore.
  10. Frank Lowy – Net worth: $10 billion. Multiple investments.

Who Is the Youngest Richest Person in Australia?

Andrew Bogut is the richest young Australian with a net worth of $120 million. He is one of the best sports figures in Australia, gaining so much wealth within a short period. He is into real estate investment that enhances his monthly income.

Who Are the Richest Women in Australia?

The richest women in Australia are Gina Rinehart and Melanie Perkins, who contribute so much to the Australian economy. Perkins is worth $14 billion and is into technology investment.

What Is Australia’s Net Worth in 2023?

Australia is among the wealthiest countries in North America, with a net worth of $2.1 trillion with a GDP of $1.9 trillion. It’s constantly growing its economy with the emerging billions and soon might overtake the United States.

Final Word

Australia is growing its economy daily as the greatest Philanthropists emerge. Getting into the top list of richest Australians involves getting a trustworthy investment like mining.

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