Security and Banking Standards

Tracking and monitoring your wealth involves a lot of sensitive financial data. So when it comes to your data privacy and security in Prillionaires we take everything as seriously as possible.

Ultimately, your data belongs to you – it’s private and confidential, so any measures we take to protect it will be taken to ensure its security, confidentiality, and privacy.

We will never sell your information, such as your name or email address, to anyone under any circumstances. We’ve also got many processes and procedures in place to ensure that our systems, and your data, are protected.

All data is encrypted using military-grade encryption and we carry out regular penetration testing. An authorised third party attempts to breach Prillionaires’ IT infrastructure and systems. If there were any vulnerabilities,  errors or loopholes, they would be discovered. It helps maintain compliance, and eliminate IT cyber security threats.

These penetration tests happen regularly and we also carry out our own internal testing on a monthly basis to ensure that everything is safe and secure.



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